Saves hours upon hours every day!

The MEGASTREAM Media Cloud is a dream come true for anyone who seeks to develop CMS-driven rich-media websites and apps in the most time- and cost-efficient way.

The MEGASTREAM Media Cloud is an OVP, Digital Media Management System and Publishing Suite with an extensive variety of tools designed to:

  • Optimize Work-Flows
  • Accelerate Multi-Platform Publishing
  • Maximize Viewership Reach
  • Deliver High-Quality Streaming Media Content To All Screens
  • Monitor Global, National and Regional Viewerships
  • Monetize Your Publishing Properties and Audiences

Saves thousands upon thousands of Dollars every month!

The MEGASTREAM MEDIA CLOUD can replace the need and sizeable costs otherwise spent on hardware, software and human resources for:

  • metadata database architecture
  • costs for dedicated database servers
  • load-balanced clusters of streaming servers
  • setting up in-house or outsourced transcoding solutions
  • metadata management system and frontend
  • admin frontends and backends for media management
  • category and tagging system
  • storage servers and backup solutions
  • development of software and APIs for integration of media on websites and apps
  • and numerous system administrators, software and database architects, developers, engineers and vendors to create, build, service and trouble-shoot a patchwork of backend setups

A MEGASTREAM MEDIA CLOUD Account can cover all of the above and all of the beyond needs for your creative teams to upload, manage, tag, organize and publish all your live- and on-demand media across all your digital media publishing properties including websites, mobile apps, social apps and TV apps.

The extensive variety of services included in the MEDIA CLOUD Management System includes the following services, controlled by our Clients via graphical user interfaces in real-time

  • Upload & content management for all types of media
  • Metadata management
  • Thumbnail generation
  • Custom artwork, cover, player graphics management
  • Watermark rendering
  • Transcoding of on-demand files
  • Transrating of live-streams
  • Transmuxing for bitrate-adaptive delivery
  • Multi-platform, multi-device publishing
  • Multi-tier media navigation management
  • Multi-Channel, Sub-Channel, Media Groups, Tagging System
  • Viewership Analytics and reporting
  • LIVE-to-VOD recording of live-streams
  • VOD-to-LIVE linear looping streams from VOD playlists
  • 24/7 Cloud Scheduling & Playout of scheduled linear streams
  • Live-Event Management
  • Live-Encoder Ingestion
  • Simulated Live Events
  • Player Builder for customized and branded, responsive web players
  • Channel Playlist Players
  • Developer API and Embed Tools
  • DRM and Security
  • Global, bitrate-adaptive Meta-CDN delivery
  • and much, much more