White-label App Framework with OVPs

App Framework with OVPs

Representing an OVP or Streaming Service and looking to complete your lineup of services with a fully integrated App Framework? MEGASTREAM can be white-labeled by OVPs and Streaming Providers.

“Our Developers will talk to your Developers”. MEGASTREAM App Services can be used to outsource the development of apps for your customers cost efficiently, or be integrated further into your OVP’s middleware or content management system. All you have to provide are the media feeds in a compatible format, containing the contents, metadata and gallery images, and we will become your App Framework Partner, setting up apps for your customers in the background, without the need of any direct interaction with your customers.

Since all our apps are 100% white-labeled anyways, your customers will think that you had dedicated app developers on payroll which built their apps under your roof.

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